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Wine tourism to boast tourism in South Africa in 2020.: Safari Uganda , Kenya , Rwanda

It’s too amazing to see that many countries the have the kenya safari are pouring large amount of money in wine projects yet this is just one example of the growth that is being seen around the world in wine tourism. Wine tourism is expanding in most major wine growing regions, including France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the U.S., South Africa, and Australia.

Besides, South Africa is working towards positioning itself as one of the world's top 20 travel destinations by 2020, the local wine and tourism industry are uniting to present the country's first specialist wine tourism exhibition, Vindaba and the Kenya tour.This resulted from the backing effort of national and provincial government, and Vindaba will be showcasing the best in South African wine-related tourism when it is held in Cape Town in September 2012, targeting the local and international travel trade as well as wine, travel and lifestyle media.

Wine Tourism is known world wide that very most travellers in any Namibia safaris prefer taking wine while on there vacation holidays and also many scholars have written different books with different definitions. According to an Australian researchers Hall and Macionis. They define wine tourism as "visitation to vineyards, wineries, wine festivals, and wine shows for which grape wine tasting and/or experiencing the attributes of a grape wine region are the prime motivating factors for visitors." we have the rwanda gorilla trekking This definition is useful because it encompasses the various venues most frequently sought by wine tourists, and highlights the fact that there are different reasons visitors go to a wine region.

Also the South Africa Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk identified wine tourism as one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative sectors of the global tourism market. Get to visit the gorillas in Africa as the Vindaba, which marks a new spirit of collaboration among tourism bodies, is intended as a launching pad to position South Africa on the world map of wine tourism.

Currently, Cape Wine is considered the most successful international wine trade show in the Southern Hemisphere, the masai mara safari and has been held every alternate year since 2000 with the exception of last year, given South Africa's hosting of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.Next year's Cape Wine will be the first in four years and will thus provide an important opportunity for the industry to update its markets on new developments.Such as the It is expected that some 320 wineries will exhibit.

Although cape wine 2012 is conceived as a stand-alone event, it will be staged simultaneously at the Cape Town Convention Centre. Cape Wine also as we get ready for the masai mara tour , hosted biennially by Wosa, exhibits a wide spectrum of South Africa's wines and wine styles to the international wine trade, from buyers to importers and sommeliers in important export markets. It also attracts wine, travel and lifestyle media.

More so, both events will be staged as eco-friendly exhibitions, making use exclusively of recycled and recyclable materials. South Africa is already recognized as a world leader in eco-sustainable wine production. Now it plans to establish a similar reputation for wine tourism by marketing Vindaba as a "green" initiative.

Van Schalkwyk has identified South Africa's wine tourism as central to marketing the country as an attractive long-haul destination. Speaking at a tourism stakeholder workshop in April, he said: along with gorillas and Chimpanzees we have "Wine tourism is a vital product offering in South Africa's tourism product as it helps improve the country's competitiveness against destinations like Brazil, Australia, Kenya and Thailand.” Though Australia has a highly developed wine tourism industry, many of its wine regions are located far apart, unlike South Africa where production is concentrated mostly in the Western Cape.3 day gorilla safari tour

Not only will the two exhibitions feature many of the same producers, but there are other common links. Queen Elizabeth national park , South Africa has been steadily building a domestic and global awareness for the range and excellence of its wines and is now considered a significant wine-producing country. With provenance playing such a strategic role in wine marketing, it makes sense to advance wine-related tourism, so wine lovers are actively encouraged to visit the source of the products they enjoy.Murchison falls national park

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