Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Way of Life of the Mountain gorilla Africa

Mountain Gorillas are more like humans even when it comes to grooming. As a matter of fact, it’s what they do all day long. They clean each others hair, remove lice and other small insects stuck with in.
The female gorilla is the most hardworking as it grooms its offspring’s and the silver back which is the male gorilla.
The silver back is the only one that does not groom others. It’s the most superior of all the gorillas in its family and often fights to protect them. The easiest way to identify one is that it has a silver lining in the back differentiated from the other’s which have no silver lining at all.
Even though gorillas are strong and have big bodies, they tend to stay out of trouble and often will make a lot of noise when disturbed instead of getting aggressive.All this can be discovered in any of our gorilla tours to bwindi national park
African Secrets limited is a registered safari company which is a member of AUTO and widely recognized and appreciated. We have pioneered in offering the best gorilla safaris in east Africa and surrounding countries. Our mission is to help you have a magical gorilla trekking that you will not be offered by any other tour company. Interact with us for any tour packages that you are interested in and we shall not hesitate to get back to you. Gorillas are shy and quiet. They communicate to each other by hooting, growling, chest beating, sticking out their tongue and so much more actions.

This communication is used to teach the young survival skills like how to hunt for food and get along with other gorillas in the jungle.
When gorillas retire for the night, they make nests made out of leaves and other plant materials. It is for that reason that when researchers are estimating a gorilla population, they do it by counting the nests.

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