Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TIA - Africa at its best

TIA! This Is Africa! Usually you get a beautiful smile on top and you are able to nothing else than smile. So forget about the annoyance that bubbles up as the truck again falls silent, the showers are cold, the grass of the 'bush toilets' is not high enough and every passing car honks, the 'african massage' roads and the associated turbulence .. . The first words you learn in Swahili are also matata (no problem) and pole pole (slowly) and they are not ashamed, on the contrary ... TIA is something they are proud of.

A chance meeting, a twist of fate or predestination? 12 white people on a stark white truck constantly being addressed or earlier angeroepen by locals with the words "Mzungu (white man) how are you?" Mzungu This truck is on its way to the chimpanzees in Uganda (pearl of Africa) and the gorillas in Rwanda (the land of 1000 hills) with Nairobi as a starting point (with the nickname Nai-robbery).

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Rwanda gorilla trekking

Uganda gorilla trekking

It is impossible to enumerate everything and what I opsom is impossible to perfectly articulate what it actually was. But anyway here some impressions ...
The gorillas visit was of course a unique experience. After getting a briefing on the behavior of the gorillas, like who the dominant silverback and the importance of preserving the 7 meters between the gorilla and get yourself assigned everyone a family. The Amahoro our being, which means peace. The chance to see gorillas is virtually 100%, since trackers morning to look for the different families. After 2 hours of hiking through the rainforest, we were by the king-kong-on-the-chest-pounding sound welcomed. Then the my gorilla safari the silverback came closer to see who these monkeys were shaved. It is clearly stated that at the briefing as a gorilla gets closer, you must remain calm and certainly should not cry or run away. In theory this all sounds good ... but in reality it is something else. We were 1 hour at the family stay, after which we began the descent back to a sense of euphoria and a fantastic story.

Who says Rwanda, says (unfortunately) the Rwandan genocide in a rwanda safari. This is a very emotional experience because everything is gedocumeteerd photos and images. Disbelief that this happened so recently and the name Belgium is also several times in the museum. Then we drove to the Hotel Milles Collines (also known as Hotel Rwanda). In Uganda is the source of the Nile (where some of the ashes of Gandhi were scattered) and is also a great place for rafting. The day ended with a delicious barbecue, fresh Nile pint, burnt thighs, bruises on my wrists and an incredibly happy feeling.
In short, the first 16 days of my overland trip through were incredibly interesting people on the truck, the beautiful landscape, the trips and of course the heartwarming Africans ...

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